Services to Help You Find the Right Indoor Location Technology

Grizzly Analytics knows all the technologies and solutions, and can find you the right one

You want to use indoor location at your site or venue. Or you want to integrate indoor localization into your mobile app. Or you want to build indoor location-awareness into your electronic product.

But there are hundreds of technologies and solutions out there. How can you find exactly the right indoor location technology or solution to fit your needs?

  • Do you need a hardware, software or chip based solution?
  • What levels of accuracy do you need? 20 centimeters, 2 meters or 5 meters?
  • How often do you need locations to be updated? Every second or every minute? Or every 10 minutes?
  • What interference or other physical context are you expecting?
  • Do you need wireless communication along with localization?
  • What sort of infrastructure can you install? Or do you need infrastructure-free?
  • What higher-level services do you need? Mapping? Routing? Geofencing?

Grizzly Analytics can help. We are expert analysts in Indoor Location and Internet of Things technologies. We know the players and we understand the technologies and their differentiation and implications. And we can find just the technology or solution that fits what you need.

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