Indoor Location Mergers and Acquisitions Report

Expected publication: June 21, 2022

Indoor location merger & acquisition deals have kept pace through the Covid pandemic, with steady numbers of deals each year since 2018. The total number of indoor location related M&A deals to date has risen to 37.

While there is a continuation of deals centered around key component technologies, recent years have seen a shift towards acquisitions of start-ups with full service solutions. At the same time, we continue to see lower-priced acquisitions of smaller component technologies by companies seeking to fill gaps in their own existing offerings.

Some acquired technologies will be used for post-pandemic contact tracing or hybrid workplaces, some for E911 services, some for more more traditional location services such as retail, mapping and marketing.

Whether you are a start-up company dreaming of your own M&A, a major company looking to acquire a technology vendor, an investor analyzing company valuations, or anyone else wanting to understand M&A in the indoor location area, this is the report for you.

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Some of the information in this report is speculative. The report reflects Grizzly Analytics knowledge & expertise in the area, but is not guaranteed correct or complete. Grizzly Analytics is not responsible for actions taken based on this report.