Indoor Location Mergers and Acquisitions Report

Published: February 22, 2021

Even with the recent pandemic, acquisitions in the indoor location area have continued steadily, bringing the total to 33. This report is the only source of data on the prices & strategic details of these acquisitions.

One of the newly reported acquisitions was for the record-breaking price of $400 Million. Two were for under $3 Million. Regardless of price, all were highly strategic for their buyers, for reasons that we detail.

Whether you are a start-up company dreaming of your own M&A, a major company looking to acquire a technology vendor, an investor analyzing company valuations, or anyone else wanting to understand M&A in the indoor location area, this is the report for you.

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Some of the information in this report is speculative. The report reflects Grizzly Analytics knowledge & expertise in the area, but is not guaranteed correct or complete. Grizzly Analytics is not responsible for actions taken based on this report.