2017 Indoor Location Testbed Results

A Multi-Dimensional Evaluation of Five Indoor Location Solutions and Incorporating the 2016 Testbed Analysis of Ten Solutions

The second Indoor Location Testbed, run by Grizzly Analytics at GeoIot World 2017, confirms for the second year that indoor location solutions are beating the previously established industry norms in all metrics of performance. Solutions evaluated this year achieved below 2 meter accuracy, in smartphone and in tag tracking, both with BLE beacons and infrastructure-free. Solutions deployed in under one hour setup. Solutions detected floor changes and maintained positioning accuracy while moving on stairs. Solutions achieved fast first location fixes within seconds of starting. All of these were evaluated and confirmed by our testbed staff, as detailed in this report.

The 2017 testbed evaluated five solutions: One based on BLE tags, four on smartphones. One smartphone solution runs infrastructure-free, one incorporates camera-based image processing, and two blend BLE beacons with motion sensing. (See the videos from the testbed here.)

This Indoor Location Testbed is the only such testbed to evaluate a wide range of metrics. While others focus exclusively on a single measurement of accuracy, the analysis below examines real-time accuracy, accuracy after stabilization, time to stabilization, consistency, setup time, infrastructure required, time to first fix, floor detection, proximity detection, and more. In this way, the results reflecting the wide range of things that are important to sites deploying indoor location technology.

The testbed evaluation shows that BlooLoc's tag-based solution achieves real-time accuracy better than 2 meters, and accuracy after stabilization under 1.5 meters. GipsTech's infrastructure-free solution also achieves accuracy of under 2 meters. Accuware's solution required less than one hour setup time, drastically less than others. Performance of these and other solutions are detailed in this report below.

The two years of Indoor Location Testbeds have evaluated 12 solutions from 9 companies. More than a competition for scores, this testbed series details how market-leading companies are drastically outperforming the industry norms from only three years ago. Consistent accuracy better than two meters, setup in under one hour, high accuracy without beacons, fast initial location fixes, and more, are all achievements that seemed unattainable, but are now being reached by multiple testbed participants in real-world conditions.

Grizzly Analytics believes that these performance achievements will soon lead to a tipping point in technology adoption and market penetration.

Publication: June 20, 2017
Price: $1200
Number of pages: 75
Chief Analyst: Dr. Bruce Krulwich
Contributing Analyst: Daniel Krulwich

Table of contents
Executive Summary
Executive Summary from 2016
Summary Tables
  Summary: Companies, Solutions & Technologies
  Summary: Testbed Performance Rankings
  Summary: Testbed Performance
  Summary: Setup and Infrastructure
  Summary: Additional Capabilities
Table of Contents
Testbed Overview and Methodology
  Testbed Measurements and Methodology
  Testbed Realism
Metrics of Evaluation
Analysis of Testbed Performance - 2017
  Solution Segmentation
  Accuracy and Stabilization
  Setup and Configuration Time
  Numbers of Beacons Deployed
  Additional capabilities
  Analysis Conclusions
Indoor Location Positioning Methods and Their Tradeoffs
Companies, Solutions and Testbed Performance
  BlooLoc - Smartphone Solution
  BlooLoc - Tag Solution
  GipsTech - Infrastructure-Free
  GipsTech - Solution w/ BLE
Analysis of Testbed Performance in 2016
  Solution Segmentation
  Accuracy and Stabilization
  Setup and Configuration Time
  Numbers of Beacons Deployed
  Analysis Conclusions
Companies, Solutions and Testbed Performance in 2016
  BlooLoc - Smartphone Solution -2016
  BlooLoc - Tag Solution - 2016
  GipsTech Infrastructure-Free - 2016
  Here - Bluetooth Solution - 2016
  Here - WiFi Solution - 2016
  INDOO.RS - 2016
  Lambda4 - 2016
  Movin - 2016
  NexToMe - 2016
  Senion - 2016

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