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NEWLY UPDATED: Indoor Location Related M&A

Indoor location start-up M&A
33 start-up acquisitions, with price details not available elsewhere.

Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

Indoor location solutions for social distancing and contact tracing
Details of 25 Indoor Location Based Solutions for Covid-19 prevention.

Infrastructure-Free Indoor Location

Indoor location start-up M&A
Indoor location technologies that operate without any infrastructure.

Sub-Meter Accuracy Indoor Location Tech

Sub-meter accuracy indoor location
Indoor positioning technologies that achieve the highest accuracy.

2017 Indoor Location Testbed

Indoor location testbed
Evaluation of 5 solutions in 2017 and 10 in 2016.

Indoor Location: Comprehensive

Comprehensive report on indoor location technologies
Analysis of technologies from over 180 companies.

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Lectures and Events

Hear Grizzly Analytics founder Bruce Krulwich discuss trends in indoor location technologies

On Mister Beacon - Covid safety

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Keynote Speech at GeoIoT World 2017

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On Mister Beacon - State of the Industry

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Contact us to discuss how our presentation can contribute to your event. Speaking at corporate events can be under full nondisclosure.

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Services we Offer

Trying to convey your technology's uniqueness?

Are you bringing great technology to market but having a hard time differentiating yourself and gaining mindshare and traction? We can help you focus & target your message and convey it to the world.

Looking for the right technology?

Need to find the right technology for your needs in your factory, store or other venue, or to integrate into your product? We know all the technologies and can help you find just the right one.

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Customer Testimonials

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  • Bruce Krulwich from Grizzly analytics gave the keynote speech at an internal event organized by TRUMPF. He presented valuable information and insights about the indoor localization market, in a way that really contributed to our event.
    - Partner Management, Smart Factory, Trumpf
  • Grizzly consulted for Decawave for several years in different capacities, which enabled us to sharpen our strategy, deepen our understanding of the market needs and competition, and successfully promote our products and their differentiation. The whole experience has been invaluable to the DecaWave team and its stakeholders (Board, investors, customers).
    - Ciaran Connell, Decawave
  • Grizzly Analytics consulted for me on a deep dive into the indoor location industry for my client Grizzly's insights and depth of knowledge of the entire landscape was highly impressive and very helpful.
    - Nick Stein, Electric Railway Marketing ( consultant)
  • I have known Bruce Krulwich, Grizzly Analytics Chief Analyst, since 2012, and he is one of the lead technical analyst experts in indoor localization technologies, having researched the topic first hand for many years. It is always a pleasure to discuss the area with Bruce, share and learn new things about location technology evolution and market trend predictions.
    - Fabio Belloni, Quuppa
  • We have worked with Grizzly Analytics for four years and utilized their services and encyclopedic knowledge of the indoor positioning market for a number of projects with us. They are always available on short notice which we greatly appreciate. Bruce is an excellent communicator and the white papers written for us, training and consulting advice have helped Takemetuit tremendously. Grizzly Analytics is our "go to" authority in indoor positioning globally.
    - Don Thompson, Takemetuit
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