NEW:2017 Indoor Location Testbed Report

Multi-dimensional real-world evaluation of mobile & IoT solutions for indoor location.

Indoor location testbed



Videos of 12 Indoor Location demos at MWC 2017

See a dozen indoor location demos and exhibits from MWC 2017, from major companies and start-ups, from polished to cutting edge.

MWC 2017

See videos

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NEW: Updated Comprehensive Report on Indoor Location Tech

Newly updated on January 11, 2017, our flagship report analyzes solutions & technologies from almost 200 companies.

Comprehensive report on indoor location technologies


Report on the 2016 GeoIoT World Indoor Location Testbed

Multi-dimensional real-world evaluation of ten solutions. Learn how they performed in a variety of metrics, not only accuracy but also speed, reliability, setup effort and more.

Sub-meter accuracy indoor location


Report on Sub-Meter Indoor Location Solutions

The latest indoor positioning technologies that achieve accuracy of better than one meter, both hardware-based and mobile device based.

Sub-meter accuracy indoor location


Report on Chip-Based Indoor Location Technologies

This report analyzes indoor location technologies in chip form, to be embedded in Internet of Things & wearable devices or next-generation smartphones & tablets.



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Service: Find the Indoor Location Technology That is Best For You

Want to use indoor location tech in your site, or integrate it into your app or device? Hard to navigate all the differences and tradeoffs? We can help you learn which technology and solution is perfect for you.

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